How to make a vision board and your vision driven life

How To Make A Vision Board And Your Vision Driven Life

Hi beautiful: Are you ready to live a vision-driven life? Today I want to share with you a great tool that I have used for years and that I recommend my clients to use a vision board. During your life journey, you have dreams that you want to make come true, that is: you want to […]

The “I am” women empowerment project by designer Keira Bui

women empowerment project

I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Keira Bui in an entrepreneur group for women on Facebook. I was immediately drawn by her work and the connection with my empowering ways of being. “I am a powerful, confident, loving leader.”   Here Keira Bui tells us a bit more about her women empowerment project and her life […]

Proven way to use affirmations to change negative Self-Talk


Hi dear friend: As someone who struggled with negative Self-Talk while growing up and until recently, using affirmations has been part of my healing process. Therefore, I want to share with you a proven way to use them in order to change your inner critical voice and start to heal. Did you know that we […]

How to relax using positive affirmations


Hi dear friend: Have you been struggling with lots of stress in your life lately? Do you feel that it is time to do something to help your body release some stress? Or do you struggle with being present in the moment? Well, today I want to show you how affirmations can help you with all […]

The power of gratitude: Watch this inspiring video

The power of gratitude

Hi dear friend: Have you considered how different our lives would be if we started the day by being grateful and using the power of gratitude? “It’s not happy people who are thankful. It’s thankful people who are happy.” Author unknown.  It is amazing to witness how our life starts to change once we realize […]

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