Feel Better Now: Work with Cristina

Get your EFT Private Session, the gift of emotional freedom. Ideal to release the stuck emotions that prevent you from experiencing happiness and moving forward toward your goals in life.

EFT helps with a wide range of emotions, including:

Stress and anxiety.

Anger and frustration.


All kinds of fears and phobias.

Negative memories and inner child issues.


Guilt, grief, confusion and just about any other emotion im- aginable, including those icky, yucky and generally awful feel- ings you can’t even find a name for.

EFT can be used to Improve your health, Increase your effectiveness, Improve the quality of your life.

So, what are you waiting for to heal, become the master of your life?

Will you ever feel ready?

“Remember, a real decision is measured by the fact that you´ve taken a new action. If there´s no action you haven´t truly decided” Tony Robbins

I am here to give you loving guidance along the way. I will be here to make you accountable and to help you.

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Or via whatsapp +593 9 99 722 700 or via email cristina@livinghealthierideas.com

Kindly provide 24 hours´ notice for any cancellations.


“As most people, I get nervous, anxious and stressed before an important presentation in front of a audience. My family and friends have tried to calm me down before, but in some cases it worked and in others it was worse. Cristina´s EFT Session helped me calm down and remove my anxiety in a short time before I had to speak in front of a lot of people. After the session with Cristina I was ready to do the presentation, I felt calm and anxiety had disappeared from my body. Thank you Cristina and EFT for helping me overcome my anxiety and nervousness and to be better prepared for my future public presentations”   Verónica Cepeda

“I am very happy to have taken part of an EFT Healing session with Carmen Cristina. I am already in a path to a healthier lifestyle after having started to put into practice what I learned with her. Totally recommend that you put aside a bit of time your time for this, it is worth it.” Paul Vaca Meneses 

Book my EFT Healing Session 

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