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Are you ready to live a vision driven life? Today I want to share with you a great tool that I have used for years and that I recommend my clients to use, a vision board.

During your life journey you have dreams that you want to make come true, that is: you want to live your life with vision.

Consider adding images for all the following areas in your life. Of course, you can decide to focus just on one area of your life that you are feeling needs more work. 

  • Health
  • Happiness
  • Love
  • Leisure and fun time
  • Spirituality

Here is a video with more information:


After you are done with your vision board place it in somewhere you can see it very day so that you can reinforce your dreams.

Best way to use your vision board is to start by closing  your eyes and then go ahead and start visualizing and picturing those things you want to see in your life and it is important that you feel them as if you already had them.  Add as many details as possible, sensations, smells, people around you, tastes, etc.

From now on, keep acting, moving and behaving in the direction of your dreams and your vision.

I hope you find this video inspires you to start working on your vision board and to live a vision driven life. 


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Want to share other additions to this vision driven life tool or ask Cristina some questions below?