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Hello, I love that you have decided to visit the blog at Living Healthier Ideas, I am Cristina Pettersen C and I am excited about this blog post.

As you know I am all into a Holistic Lifestyle, Healing, and Self-Love. This is why I have created this series of interviews with some amazing Powerful Confident Women to support all women with their health and wellbeing, their mindset, and their businesses. 

I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Caprice Crebar, who owns “For Healthy Connections” which combines her passions for helping you uplevel your physical health and your business health. She is a purpose-filled entrepreneur, passionate about connecting people, especially female entrepreneurs with community, relationships, and resources to improve the health of their business and their life. 

She specializes in helping you adopt healthy lifestyle habits including optimal plant-based nutrition as a key tool in transforming your health.  She says “work just as hard to achieve health success as you do to achieve wealth success. Be the woman (or man) who can enjoy the results of your hard work, rather than the one spending her wealth to regain her health.” 

Tell me a bit about yourself – Who is Caprice Crebar?

Anwer: I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit,  a natural inclination for connecting people, and a desire to use the skills and abilities God gave to make an impact for others. In college, I founded a club to help students learn about real-world job skills and experience through guest speakers in various professions. As a young professional, I held management and business development positions in the rising cellular phone industry. It was fun, rewarding, and eventually exhausting once I started a family that resulted in three bouncing boys! This is when my priorities changed and being a high powered corporate professional was no longer satisfying. I was tired of working my kids around my job, so I quit!  I became determined to pursue my passion for nutrition, which my family had been lacking due to my busy schedule, and built a health and wellness business that allowed me to nourish and nurture them!  Fifteen years later, after building two home-based businesses under the brand “For Healthy Connections”, I am still enjoying inspiring healthy living around the world and grateful for these opportunities that helped my husband and I raise three healthy young adults!

As I began to grow my health and wellness business, I decided to start what is now a popular networking group for entrepreneurial women in southern California (and virtually).  I discovered that in addition to fueling healthy bodies with great nutrition, I had a passion for helping entrepreneurial women create relationships that nourish their business.  My primary focus since has been making connections and providing resources for female entrepreneurs that improve the health of their businesses and their lives. I am a mentor who provides community, coaching, education, and tools for success in both business and personal wellness.

I’ve heard you say it’s important to treat your health like a business? Why?

Answer: Over the years in my corporate career and in my business networking community I’ve witnessed how hard entrepreneurs work to build a successful business, often at the expense of their health. They invest time and money, then run on fumes due to sleep deprivation, stress, poor diet, dehydration and lack of exercise. They focus on building the success of their business, while neglecting the success of their health.  I challenge people to treat their personal wellness like a business, and place as much priority on making it a success.  Work your wealth business in parallel with your personal health business. Let’s have more people enjoying the financial rewards of their successful business, instead of spending their wealth to regain the health that deteriorated along the way.  You get to choose to do what it takes to earn health success. 


What are the benefits of treating your health like a business?

Answer: When your personal health is successful, you physically and mentally feel better, you’re getting more sleep which increases your on the  job productivity, you have greater mental clarity to make better decisions, you have more energy to complete job tasks, you have less absenteeism,  you communicate more clearly.


How can it improve your respect for others and theirs for you?

Answer: When your personal wellness business is unsuccessful, you experience the opposite of everything I mentioned above and people notice. When you don’t feel your best your human interactions can suffer causing clients, prospects and associates to lose respect for you. One example when communication mistakes can happen is when you are not fueling your body with proper nutrients. You may be so busy working on building your wealth that you neglect to eat, you get “hangry” (hungry and angry), you grab the donuts or candy a fellow employee so generously brought in for the team. You spike your blood sugar and shortly thereafter it plummets and you’re hangry again.  You’re grumpy because, excuse my french, you feel like crap and you can’t think clearly causing you to come across as disrespectful. Another example is when you cannot be relied on because you are often sluggish and late to meetings, or call in sick. This can all be avoided by treating your personal health like a business and making its success your priority.  


How does your health impact your wealth?

Answer: When you are working with greater vitality, experiencing all the benefits of treating your health like a business, you will naturally be more productive and effective. You will be happier, your relationships improve, you will work better under the pressures of being an entrepreneur. As a result your wealth business can experience more growth and success than it may have otherwise.  At the end of your career when you’ve earned your fortune, you will also have earned your health. You will be able to save or spend your money to your benefit, rather than fighting illness and spending your hard earned money on health care expenses.


What is the number one way of improving your health?

Answer: Simply put, the number one way of improving your health is to follow up!  Most of us know the basics for better health, or have access to tools and resources to become better educated on the how to’s. The problem is that most people aren’t taking action. Just like in your wealth business, your health fortune is in the follow up.  Put your knowledge to work and start by taking a single step.  Avoid overwhelm by incorporating one new healthy habit a month. The easiest way to follow up in your first month is to add plant-based nutrition from  You’ll get more daily phytonutrients from plants than you thought possible, in capsules, chewable or drinkable forms. The second month add a vegetable to each meal, commit to intentionally drink more water the third, cut back on coffee the fourth, etc… by the 12th month you will have created healthy habits that will fuel the success of your personal wellness business!

If you want a better business plan for your personal wellness, contact Caprice Crebar at:

Thank you for reading, thank you for taking the time to learn and take action to improve your holistic health and your life. 



Cristina Pettersen 


MCC, Confidence and Holistic Life Coach & Healer

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Treat your health like a business

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