The power of self-love


My client Veronica told me that she finally was able to say what she needed, and felt confident about going after her goals.

These are the stories that I love ❤️

Veronica said that she was able to speak confidently in public, that she was able to go out and meet new people, and she was getting friends to comment on her energy and mindset since she started with coaching and emotional freedom. ✨

Before Veronica started working with me, she was avoiding being seen, and always trying to please other people.

❌ She felt anxious all the time, she had trouble expressing herself articulately

❌She was unable to focus and was not able to achieve her goals

❌ She felt disconnected from her body, and wanted to connect with her ideal self but didn’t know this was even possible.

❌She was feeling worthless and that was making her ineffective in her work and life.

With patience and committed action, in 3 months Veronica transformed into a strong, confident woman.

👉 She knows how to manage her emotions, and how to connect with empowering ones.

👉 She has more energy, feels more peace, and has made more friends.

👉 She has connected with her essence and knows her worth

👉 She has a better relationship with her body, with the world and is now open to challenges and growth.

I am so proud of Veronica and the powerful progress she did during the coaching program. 🥳

She said that our work together allowed her to speak her mind when needed, to know that what she does and says matters and go after her goals and happiness.

Can you relate to Veronica? Are you ready to start your journey into self-love? If you are ready to INVEST in yourself and take a STAND for yourself and want to experience confidence like Veronica has, I would love to provide support and guidance.
This week I have two spaces available for a 20 minutes Self-love consultation call.

You can go ahead and schedule yours here.

Cristina Pettersen
MSc, Goal Achievement Coach, and Healer

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