14-Day High Vibrations Smoothie Challenge

smoothie challenge

Are you ready to reclaim your health and vitality? Are you tired of low energy and vibrations? Do you wish you could lose 5+ pounds? Do you wish you had more confidence when you walk into a room? GET READY TO RAISE YOUR VIBRATIONS AND TO KICKSTART YOUR WEIGHT LOSS! If you said “yes” to […]

How to make Dairy-Free chocolate smoothie

dairy-free chocolate smoothie

Hi dear friend: Want to make a thick, creamy and healthy chocolate smoothie? Then you will love this recipe! Most of us have the need to eat dessert or sweets. It is sometimes hard to resist the temptation to go for candies, chocolate or carbs. So, for me making a healthy smoothie is always a […]

DIY How to make Dairy-free Strawberry smoothie


Hi dear friend: Want to make a thick, creamy and Dairy-Free strawberry smoothie?  Then you will love this recipe! As someone with osteoarthritis I suffer from morning joint stiffness. Therefore I have adapted my already healthy diet as part of an early treatment to decrease pain and live a healthier life. Part of my diet […]

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