Best books that help through depression and anxiety

depression 2

Hi beautiful soul: Healing and dealing with depression and anxiety is not easy but it is possible. These books will help you and guide you with useful techniques and ways to heal from depression and anxiety. Make sure to make your wellbeing your priority and follow them, you will then start feeling better. You deserve feeling joyful, […]

Destiny or synchronicity? Are we leafs in the wind or sailboats with tools?

Destiny or synchronicity

Destiny or synchronicity?  Are we leafs in the wind or sailboats with tools? by Floyd Lopez-Heinlein Countless schools of thought and spirituality have debated and written entire books on the subject. Do we have a fixed destiny? Are we rather the creators -and to what extent- of our own path?  Allow me to offer a metaphor […]

The “I am” women empowerment project by designer Keira Bui

women empowerment project

I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Keira Bui in an entrepreneur group for women on Facebook. I was immediately drawn by her work and the connection with my empowering ways of being. “I am a powerful, confident, loving leader.”   Here Keira Bui tells us a bit more about her women empowerment project and her life […]

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