Remove past life blocks to step into your power today

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Remove past life blocks to step into your power today

Hello! Thank you for visiting the blog at Living Healthier Ideas, I am Cristina Pettersen C and I am excited about this blog post. I am a blogger and a Holistic Life Coach and Healer, this means that I am all into a Holistic Lifestyle, Healing, and Self-Love


Whether you are someone who wants to remove past life blocks in your life or someone who has tried all different therapies and tools and want to find out if they are connected to a past life, this blog post is for you.


A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Sheila Hay, an intuitive reader and life coach. Here is what she shared during the interview.


Who is Sheila Hay?


Growing up as a little girl in the Catholic church, I had two goals.  I wished to go to heaven to be with God and I wished to be like Jesus…magical, healing, loving, compassionate.   My name means ‘A gift from God’ so I believed I was magical just because of my name.   I kept my magic to myself growing up though – the nuns and my parents frowned on even considering the first Spiritual experience I shared with them at age 6…I talked to Archangel Michael in person. 

I got married at 20 and I entered the Metaphysical world after growing up in the corporate restaurant world – My husband & I worked in his family’s McDonald’s for 15 years and we owned 3 ourselves for 5 years in Anchorage, Alaska.  After selling them, we moved to the Interior of Alaska & built our own house.  We then helped 200 families in Alaska build theirs. 

While living that life, I became a Reiki Master Teacher/Healer for 23 years, Intuitive Reader/Guide & practitioner of many healing modalities, LMT, CranioSacral, Essential Oils, Reflexologist and I founded the Healing Arts Institute – The HEART Institute for 6 years, prior to owning Aura Borealis Bed & Breakfast in the Wrangell National Park with my husband.  We had 6000 guests visit the final 6 years of our living in Alaska.

I’ve lived on Maui for a year & a half now & I am passionate about sharing with others the techniques that can help you to remove blocks and obstacles to your life.  I love to help facilitate Past Life Sessions that allow you to rescind & shift past soul level contracts you made eons ago that are haunting you today.

How did you experience removing past time blockages and how did that influence your work?


When I first taught about Essential Oils around the U.S.A., I would be gone from home for 2-3 weeks at a time.  Upon returning home, I would literally hibernate & not come out of my home for weeks at a time. 

In 2003, a mentor facilitated a past life regression and I discovered I had created a soul level contract that was to keep me safe from persecution by hiding.  I had been condemned for being a natural healer and died a horrible death.  We cleared many lifetimes the contract flowed through & this lifetime,  I’ve decided to rewrite the story. 

I rescinded & cleared those contracts and my life has shifted.  I began doing Intuitive Readings & Clearings at public events, festivals, and started teaching more.  I stopped having to go home after public events and hiding away to feel safe.  I am able to stay engaged and involved with family and friends!


What are the different issues or conditions that people experience today that you can help them shift from?


Many of us are suffering from confusion, lack of confidence, betrayal, shame, guilt, humiliation, and anxiety – we are our own Mind Police – always finding wrong with ourselves or being criticized by others.  We are programmed by others’ expectations and think less of who we really are.

Constant thoughts of being LESS than everyone else, relationships that no longer serve your highest good that you thought would last a lifetime, and just feeling lost are all opportunities to access the core wound from a past life or this lifetime, clear it, and Empower Your Life.  

These experiences and emotions no longer need to be the compass guiding your life in the now.  You can rewrite your story…we all can!


Can you help to identify unknown blockages or fears that keep people stuck?


Absolutely, we start by finding out how many energies or people are energetically attached to you, where they are attached to you and then we find out if these energies are from this life or a past life. 

Finding the blocks is the key to navigating through lifetimes so they can be rescinded and removed then we claim the other side of the block – the path that will be opened and we reclaim your Divine Birthrights such as Freedom, Sovereignty, Divine Relationship, Joy, Peace and more.

How does releasing these blockages and repeating patterns from the past help us in the now?


When we go deeply into our soul and acknowledge the dark, the Guardian at the Gate, or basically our fears, the opportunity exists to meet those fears at ground zero and to rewrite the story of them.  We forgive the self that we were in that lifetime for all they were and were not. 

By clearing these blockages we are opening ourselves to receive love, feel peace, build a relationship on a strong foundation, have self-confidence, speak our truth and empower the self to be the fully intended Divine Blueprint that our Soul is.


How can people connect with you to remove past life blockages and what options do they have?


I am available for personal sessions by telephone, Zoom, and Facebook Messenger Audio/Video.  Connect with me in one of these ways:

Phone – 1-808-793-7901

Email –

Facebook Messenger – Sheila Hay


You can click this link to schedule an appointment:  

An Intuitive Session to remove blocks is 1 Hour and the rate is $150.  For new clients, the initial session is Special at Half Price – $75 for 1 Hour.  Payment can be made by PayPal or charged by phone.  


Thank you for reading, thank you for taking the time to learn and find out about new topics, different ways to heal, to get guidance, and more from many powerful confident warrior women. 



Cristina Pettersen 


MCC, Confidence and Holistic Life Coach & Healer

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Remove past life blocks to step into your power today

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