Reasons to keep exercising during the holidays


Reasons to keep exercising during the holidays

by Sara Elizabeth Montolio Liberato


People tend to put in more effort at the gym weeks and days before the holidays arrive in hopes that it will somehow buffer them before the overconsumption of delicious food this time of year.

However, this is a smart move for a different reason. As cheerful and splendid as the holiday season may seem, it can also be stressful. Expenses, travel arrangements, family gatherings and the feeling of love in the air can have an adverse effect. This time of the year may be difficult for those dealing with the loss of loved ones for example, and in this case, an exercise routine is a6


Feeling good 

When you engage in physical activity your body releases endorphins, feel-good hormones; this is why you always feel elated after a good workout although you kicked and screamed to get yourself to the gym in the first place. Committing to a minimum of 3 times a week for at least 45 minutes will make a difference.

Other than the science aspect of why exercise can boost your holiday’s spirit, surprising yourself and consistently showing up for your workout will mentally sooth you. You will realize a slight shift in your self-esteem because you will be proud of yourself for sticking to it and putting yourself first.


Exercising during the holidays

Whether you are already working out on a consistent basis or just recently began taking exercise seriously, keeping the consistency during this season will give you a headstart motivation-wise and calorically too (well, maybe not so much calorically because pie season is among us).


Everything about weight-loss and fitness correlates to being consistent, persistent and committed. The bucket of water is filled one drop at a time. Don’t be the person who stopped showing up right after Christmas break because by the time Spring Break 2018 rolls around; you’ll already have crushed some major goals. Another year has gone by, how many times will your health be a new years resolution till you finally take it serious?

by Sara Elizabeth Montolio Liberato 


Wishing you a happy holiday season and hope that your New Year is full of health and happiness.  

Sara Elizabeth Montolio Liberato and Cristina Pettersen Carpio 

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