Power of emotions: How to deal with unkind people


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Have you or are you now dealing with unkind people in your life? Learning about the power of our emotions is the key to learning how to deal with unkind people.

I guess most of us at some point or another have met some unkind people in our lives. How to cope with them?

First of all, opposite to what most people think, we are not doing the right thing when we are unkind back. When we are being shouted at, bullied at or teased, the first thing we need to do is to realize that people who are like this are actually unhappy, in pain or facing some problems in their lives.  Therefore they are sending some negative energy out as a reflection of their situation!

When people are mean, nasty or rude it is not about you. It is self-frustration or anger from the other person or an unwillingness to love.

It took me some years to realize how I was reacting.  Due to these situations that affected my self-esteem I started avoiding people and reacted by criticizing them as my way of coping with their hurtful words or actions, it was my defense mechanism.


Therefore for me it has been extremely important to retrain my brain in order to cope better with these situations and people. Most of us are programmed to get angry or resentful when someone is mean to us, but we can try to change our way of reacting.

In conclusion, if we are feeling very vulnerable and can´t shake the pain or anger of being treated badly then we need to work in our self-esteem. Once we know we are loved and loving beings, we will have the best protection against external situations. Our happiness comes first from within.

Learn to react

So next time you are facing an unkind person, stop and realise what you are feeling, the pain, the anger, or any other emotion and just let it be. Then opt to be kind,  know that it is not about you. Know that by reacting calmly or peacefully you are helping stop the negative spiral. The most important thing to remember is that you are making a conscious decision of opting not to let that kind of people and situations affect you and affect your happiness. This shift in our reactions and programming is challenging but not impossible.

Being kind is something we need to remember each time we encounter an unkind person. So, let´s try our best, let´s do it for us and those around us.

If there is one book that I recommend you read, one that managed to explain in an easy way the power of our emotions and how we can put our responses into a broader context in order to open the doors to our dreams and goals it is The Astonishing Power of Emotions, let your feelings be your guide by Esther and Jerry Hicks.

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Cristina Pettersen Carpio

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