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There are many benefits to this coconut oil toothpaste recipe and I feel the need to share them with you!

l have been reading lately a lot of articles and scientific research explaining the great advantages of using coconut oil for dental hygiene.

In addition, recently I have been tasting different brands of organic, natural toothpaste and it was not always easy to get the right brand or ingredients. Until recently, when I decided to make my own coconut oil toothpaste. This way I make sure it is all natural.

Benefits of using a coconut oil toothpaste

Some benefits of adding this easy and natural toothpaste recipe to your dental care routine, include:

Fluoride: When you make your own toothpaste you make sure there are no chemicals and other questionable ingredients, such as fluoride.

This is a toxic industrial waster product which is not meant to be consumed by humans, as it is is poison to our body.

Coconut oil: This is one of the main ingredients. It proves to be effective at fighting plaque and bacteria that is causing tooth decay.

Affordable: You will be able to use coconut oil for cooking and for hygiene as well as for this recipe. With only a few Tbsp you can make your toothpaste that will last you months.

Sweeteners: I was not aware until recently that toothpaste had added sugar or artificial sweeteners, in order to improve their taste. There is more evidence and research nowadays of the negative effects of such sweeteners, and some even link them to cancer.

Triclosan: According to a study by the University of California Davis, this ingredient commonly found in toothpaste affects the heart correct function.

Glycerin: There is no definite prove of the harm this ingredient has to our health. There are nonetheless some claims to it coating the teeth, therefore preventing them to get the benefits that come from minerals in saliva.

Easy to make: Watch the video to get the recipe and try to make your own toothpaste!

How to make coconut oil toothpaste:

You can get some of the main ingredients here.


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Healthy tip:

Do keep your dental appointments, in addition to any natural, alternative, organic dental care you might choose.

As someone with osteoarthritis I suffer from morning joint stiffness. Therefore I have adapted my already healthy diet as part of an early treatment to decrease pain and live a healthier life.

Part of my diet includes drinking ginger lemon tea every morning and having a good ratio of Omega 6/3 essential fatty acids in my diet.

I also eat as clean as possible and avoid processed or refined sugar, gluten and dairy products to prevent inflammation. I am always learning about different and tasty recipes to eat clean and healthy.

Add this natural and easy toothpaste in order to avoid all the negative ingredients and chemicals. It takes very little time to make it and has so many benefits! I think I will never buy toothpaste again!

Eating healthy and using natural products has helped me improve my health and I hope that this resources and information help you!

If you would rather start by buying more natural toothpastes,  I have used other natural, organic toothpastes.  I can personally recommend you get these:

I hope you find this coconut oil toothpaste recipe useful and that it inspires you to continue or start a healthier lifestyle.


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