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I am Cristina Pettersen C and I am excited about this interview.  I believe in the power of self-love and the importance of getting out of our comfort zones in order to grow, achieve our goals, and create the impact that we desire in business and the world. 

This blog post is perfect for all of you who are ready to have a simple, effective system to hop on Facebook LIVE anywhere, anytime so that you can get clients, gain influence and become a successful leader online. 

I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Michelle Kopper, a leading Visibility Expert who has facilitated thousands of people to find and free their unique, aligned, and authentic voice so that they unlock the full power and impact of their unique Transformational Message: Online, On stage and On Video. 

Her down-to-earth, practical, and inspiring approach has helped people, from business owners to Broadway get clear, get confidence, and get clients while creating lives and businesses of deep fulfillment, impact, and prosperity.

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What are the top 3 things that stop people from being visible


Answer: Fear of what other people think – We don’t feel that it is safe to step all the way out because we risk people’s assumptions and judgements and getting the wrong idea. What if they think that I am full of myself?

The need for perfectionism – Here the main thought or worry is, what do they think that I can´t provide the results that I say? 

Feeling that it is not safe – It is scary for people to take a lot of space because we have all this outside conditioning that tells us that it is not safe. And we are told to not be, don´t be too shy, don´t be too confident, don´t be too loud. So we are trying to take just about enough space and at the same time trying to share our light. 



Why do business owners tend to hide or hold back?

Answer: Everyone who has a calling has a thought that undermines their confidence. It is the fear of being judged or worrying about what other people think. 

What are the top 3 things that people need in order to be confident in being visible? 

Answer: My confidence formula is courage, plus action times repetition equals confidence. So without fear, we don’t need courage. The root of the word courage is heart and when we need courage is because we care very much about the results or the impact or our mission or gift. Courage is something that we practice, not a destination. Every time we do something brave we expand our presence, our hearts grow. 

So the top 3 things people need are: 

  • courage to be fully who we are
  • courage to try new things we don’t necessarily know 
  • courage to ask for help and invest in the support that we need and not believe in the trap that we can do all on our own. 


What do we need to do to have ourselves fully being seen and heard? 

Answer: We need the courage to trust ourselves and go for it

We need community so that we can be seen, because figuring it out on your own, independently is not working. 

We need a champion, a believing mirror, someone who sees our greatness. Having people who are ahead of us. This is what Cristina offers with her coaching and her community.

We really need to trust ourselves and that also takes a community around us. The bottom line is about courage and inspired action, that is aligned and inspired that will give you energy, focus, and inspiration. 


How can you power up our visibility

Answer: If you want to take action, be part of a community of other people being brave, taking risks and holding space of non-judgment so that you can grow and thrive or if you feel like there is a part of you holding yourself back or if you struggle to be visible consistently in a way that it generates all the client enrollment conversations, Michelle has created this powerful FREE 5-Day Training that runs July 13th to July 17th and will help you to unlock your visibility superpowers, so that you can own your message and you will have the support of the community. It is a training you can do 10 minutes a day, totally free and there will be many people together to hold that space of community and transformation. 


In this challenge you will:

  • Discover the easy way to break through the noise online by being more who you are.
  • Discard the blocks that hold you back and keep you stuck trying to break through the noise.
  • Activate your Powerful Presence to amplify your message, supercharge your client-attracting presence so that you engage and enroll more clients.


You can find out more about Michelle’s training, and save your spot here:

Thank you for reading, thank you for taking time to learn and take action to improve your life and make your unique message heard so that you can create the impact that you desire in business and the world. 




MSc, Confidence and Holistic Life Coach & Healer

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