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Are you looking for a method to heal yourself and even help others? Ho´oponopono is a self-help method by a Hawaiian therapist who managed to cure a ward of criminally insane patients by healing himself. He did not meet them or spend time with them in order to heal them.

He managed to do this because everything is a reflection of our mind or our energy, and by accepting this responsibility of creating that which happens inside and outside of us, we can start to heal. We are all energy vibrating and thus we are all connected. The intentions that we put out come back to us. 

What is ho´oponopono

Ho´oponopono is a Hawaiian healing technique that originates from the teachings of Dr Lhaleakala Hew Len based on Hawaiian beliefs and traditions. It is a process based on 4 statements with a specific energy. Based in the idea that we are 100% responsible of our lives and what happens to them.

Ho´oponopono means “To make right”. The error comes from wrong or erroneous thoughts affected by painful memories or negative beliefs stemming from events in our past.

Most of us are programmed to get angry or resentful when someone is mean to us, but we can try to change our way of reacting. Therefore, for me it has been extremely important to retrain my brain in order to cope better with these situations and people.

I have been using this self-help method the last 3 years. Each time I had felt the need to release some negative feeling inside me or about other people.

What areas can I apply it to

You can heal problems in your career, finances, relationships as well as in your body.

What are the 4 statements

– I love you

This leads to self-acceptance, a message to us internally and to others if external, sending loving energy.

– I am sorry

The path to forgive ourselves and others stems from asking for forgiveness

– Please forgive me

This is the energy and intention to heal and let go of the feelings linked to not forgiving.

– Thank you

This is the way to claim or receive what it is we want. Healing by using the power of being grateful. Thanking the part of the body for healing or the person who causes the feeling in you for improving their behavior.

How to do it

Find out what problem or issue it is you have and want to clear, release or heal from your body/mind.

Then say the following:

God/source, clean and erase the hurtful memories and negative beliefs that cause me this [Name the issue/problem].

– I love you

– I am sorry

– Please forgive me

– Thank you

Repeat it until you start feeling the pain/feelings release. Take as long as you need.

How does it help

It removes blockages in a mental, energetic and psychological levels from the past. It helps us forgive, release and allowing more positive energy to flow.

Who are we saying “I am sorry” to? To your enemies. They are your memories and beliefs that are inside you. Or maybe you are saying “I am sorry” to yourself or to the divine inside you. You don´t need to understand this technique, you just need to do it. Once the subconscious mind chooses to let go of something, the transmutation process starts to take place.

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In brief, this is why ho´oponopono helps. It is based on healing past memories, forgiveness to oneself and of others, gratefulness and love! What can be more powerful than that? In sum, it helps work with our self-esteem which is detrimental for our well-being and happiness.

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Love is the force that can heal, transform our lives and bring peace to the world!

If there is one book that I recommend you read, one that managed to explain in an easy way the power of our emotions and how we can put our responses into a broader context in order to open the doors to our dreams and goals it is The Astonishing Power of Emotions, let your feelings be your guide by Esther and Jerry Hicks.

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Have a blessed day!


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