The health benefits of drinking ginger lemon tea in the morning


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One of my morning rituals includes drinking a warm cup of ginger lemon tea in the morning. It is the perfect way to get hydration, strengthen my immune system and get an energy boost.

As someone with osteoarthritis I suffer from morning joint stiffness. Therefore I have adapted my already healthy diet, as part of an early treatment to decrease pain and live a healthier life.

Part of my diet includes drinking ginger lemon tea every morning and having a good ratio of Omega 6/3 essential fatty acids in my diet.

I have been doing this the past 2 years and therefore I have not had the flu since. In addition, I have a much better digestion, it helps me relieve or soothe inflammation and in general helps boost my mood early in the morning.

There are several claims regarding the reasons for drinking a warm cup of ginger lemon tea in the morning as the perfect way to start the day.  I have done some research of the benefits of the 3 ingredients in ginger lemon tea, here are some of them:

What is ginger lemon tea

This is a cup of warm or boiled water, with fresh ginger in small pieces and the juice of half a lemon. It is best to drink it first thing in the morning, in an empty stomach.

Benefits of water:

Balance of body fluids – Our body is 60% water, keeping hydrated helps with all major bodily functions, including: maintaining body temperature, circulation and transportation of nutrients.

Energy levels: Water helps increase energy levels, one of the first signs of us being dehydrated is feeling tired.

Improve digestion – Drinking enough water helps our gastrointestinal tract work properly, helping digestion and preventing constipation.

Muscle energy – Water helps maintain balance of fluids and electrolytes preventing muscle fatigue.

Cleaning toxins – Drinking enough water and other fluids help the body keep hydrated and body fluids transport waste.

My recommendation:

We need to make sure to drink enough water throughout the day, especially before and after workouts. It helps a lot carrying a water bottle in the house or office, and bringing one to the gym. I used to mistake thirst for hunger, so I am always careful about drinking a glass of water with lemon if possible first and noticing then if it was just thirst.

Benefits of lemon:

Stronger immune system – Lemon boosts the intake of vitamin C, the antioxidant that helps improve the immune system and with antibacterial properties.

Anti-inflammatory – Lemon flavonoids also provide antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits that support the body fight oxidative stress and inflammation, helping the cardiovasular system. According to research, flavonoids act as anti-inflammatories, blocking the production of messaging molecules promoting it.  In addition, some studies have shown that flavonoids can help improve blood flow to the brain, lower risk of heart disease, asthma and type 2 diabetes.

Benefits of ginger:

Motion sickness – Research shows that ginger can be effective relieving and preventing symptoms of motion sickness.

Anti-inflammatory – The compounds in ginger called gingerols help reduce pain levels and improve mobility.  Personally it helps me a lot when I have joint pain and PMS cramps.

Immune boosting action – Ginger helps promote healthy sweating that helps detoxification Sweat produces a germ-fighting agent that protects the body against microorganisms, including candida albicans.  

Lower cholesterol levels – Ginger helps decrease levels of LDL, linked to heart disease

Anti-cancer properties – Ginger contains 6-gingerol, a substance with anti-cancer properties.

In conclusion, combine the benefits of all 3 ingredients and you have some powerful reasons to drink ginger lemon tea every morning.  I suggest that you also consider having a good ratio of Omega 6/3 essential fatty acids in your diet. Start by drinking this tea 21 days in a row, to create a healthy habit that will improve your health.

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I hope to give you enough inspiration to include ginger lemon tea to your morning ritual

Try it for at least 21 days, and let me know how you feel.

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