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If you are reading this article, you are probably wondering about the reasons to use rebirthing breathwork for healing. The summer solstice 2016 I had my second rebirthing experience. For me rebirthing has been part of my healing process, it has allowed me to heal some immediate issues I needed to resolve this past year. This technique respects the body’s wisdom and allows healing in a more natural way.

No matter where I research, there is consensus on the power of conscious energy breathing to help our body’s natural ability to heal. This is in a nutshell the core of what we do in rebirthing.

What is rebirthing

Rebirthing is a conscious breathing technique that helps loosen blockages that are held in our body simultaneously at all levels (mental, spiritual, emotional and physical). It is based in Five principles: Breathing, Awareness, Acceptance, Relaxation and Integration.

Therefore, when we are aware of our breathing we are able to resolve and heal issues within ourselves that needed healing.

How does it work 

It is based on the direct connection between mental and physical wellbeing, through breathing.  We eliminate 70% of waste products in our body via our breathing.  In addition, when our body is oxygenated it is more difficult for virus and bacteria to grow in our body. Breathing supports muscle growth and energy Furthermore, this technique allows the body as well as the mind to relax, it dissolves tension that we have built up over time.

By inducing stress resilience, breath work enables us to rapidly and compassionately relieve many forms of suffering.” 2

How is it done 

First of all, you have to lie down in a mattress or yoga mat and have a blanket over your body to help your body keep warm. It is important to wear loose clothing, to eat but not too much before the session. A normal breathing session lasts from 60 to 75 minutes, through this time you are lying down and getting guidance of your rebirther. Then an integration phase of 10 to 15 minutes follows, where you become aware of something suppressed in the past or made wrong, and then cease to do it. A rebirthing session takes between 2 and 3 hours in total.


 Who does rebirthing 

Having in mind that healing is a journey, rebirthing is a helpful technique that helps us to achieve it.

Issues that can be healed using rebirthing include: not living up to our potential, feeling the need to please others, to keep repeating patterns in relationships and life, lack of motivation or focus in life, stress, depression, low self-esteem, among others.

After the session 

Drink lots of water because you will be dehydrated and water will help heal and cleanse your body on different levels. Take it easy and relax, your body will need to rest.

How often should you do it 

Being a natural healing technique with basically positive effects, it can be done as often as desired.

Some effects  

After your rebirthing session, you will experience a couple of days of more sensitivity. You should be aware that depending on what you need to release you might experience different changes in your life. You may even start to realize things through dreams or it could be that some repressed feelings will start to surface. Sometimes old friendships will end and you will at the same time find new ones.

Your family members will get value out of the rebirthing process despite not rebirthing. Once we start to change, everything and everyone around us starts to change as well. So if you do rebirthing, every other person in your family is affected and will respond.

My experience with rebirthing

First time I had my rebirthing experience I was not sure about what I was supposed to expect. I had heard that you where to be covered with a blanket, as to mimic the birthing experience. In both my experiences I was just covered up to my neck in order to avoid getting cold.

The first experience was a private session consisting of just me and the rebirther, the second was a group session. I felt better to do it in a private session the first time, as I had no idea what kind of reactions I would have and how I would feel during and after the session. But, being able to share the healing experience and energy with a group had also its pros.

We got told at the beginning that the immediate effects or reactions in the body would vary, including stiffness, pain, shaking, numbness, and crying. I did get numbness and stiffness in my arms, which was something to expect in people who like to get things in order or to have control over things/situations. I found that the reactions during the session were very different, almost unique for each one of us. Some people next to me started crying, others shaking. Sharing this experience with a group of people who also wanted to heal was pretty rewarding.

How it helped me 

Rebirthing has helped me release a lot of feelings and old blockages. Now I feel calmer about some things in my life, not to the point of not wanting to improve things, but without the worry or pressure to make them change fast. It has given me more clarity on what I want and how I want to spend my time. Furthermore, nowadays I am deeply involved in things that are more meaningful in my life. I even healed issues that happened in my past, and even in 2 past lives. In addition, as I was able to heal, I also helped heal issues in my family. We need to know that what we do to improve ourselves, affects us and the people around us.


In conclusion, we are all in the process of healing and growing. In order to heal, I have used several techniques, including rebirthing, EFT, and using affirmations. My healing process also included forgiving people who had hurt me in the past, and for this, I found it really useful using this forgiveness ritual. 

Furthermore, if you want to learn even more in-depth about rebirthing breathwork or work in your personal growth, be sure to get a copy of  REBIRTHING: Breath, Vitality, Strength (O)


After any healing work or in general in life, it is important that we nourish our souls. Learning to be good to ourselves. To have activities that make us feel good, make us happy. These include: getting a massage, exercising, walking, fishing, gardening, painting, talking to a good friend, cooking, etc. Any activity that brings you joy and feeds your soul.

I hope these words of my personal experience with the use of rebirthing will inspire you to try it and that you find this post useful.

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Want to share some of your personal experiences with rebirthing, or ask Cristina some questions below?

Sources: rebirthingbreathwork.co.uk 


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