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If you have been following my blog you know that I am very concerned about my ecological footprint, opting for a more sustainable lifestyle. We recycle & reuse, make compost, and opt for green products at home.  We have moved close to our jobs and bike/walk to them.

You are wondering what options there are out there so that you can also adopt them at home for a more sustainable lifestyle. Today I´ve chosen to talk about my washing balls for laundry.

I’ve been using the EcoZone EcoBalls for the past 18 months in order to be greener. I have opted for these ecological laundry balls in order to reduce the toxic chemicals from our clothing. The same toxic chemicals that later enter the water supply, may end up on our local rivers, lakes, and finally back in our food.

The EcoBalls can be used for a total of 150 washes which makes them kind to the planet and also has helped cut our washing bills by half. It is definitely a win/win situation where the planet wins and our pocket does too.

I saw my sister use them and decided to use the  Ecozone Ecoballs.  I saw how easy and eco-friendly they are.  I ordered them that same day and have been happy with the decision.

How to use the washing balls

You just need to fill the washing machine with your clothing, and instead of detergent and softener, you just put 1 or 2 EcoBalls, depending on the load.  Once you are done with all the load of washing for the day you take the EcoBalls out of the drum.

The instructions advise using 1 or 2 washing balls for the laundry. I normally just use 1 for our small drum. For us the Eco Setting works perfectly, provided we have the temperature at 40 C or 50 C as advised.

ecozone ecoballs washing balls

From my experience colors do not fade and all fabrics are not damaged at all and have not been all these months.  There won´t be an obvious clean smell to your clothes, but believe me, they will be clean. If you really want that special scent, then try adding a small amount of an eco-friendly brand of softener.

Towels and linen – OK

Dark Loads – OK

Delicates – EcoBalls are safe to wash delicates, we just put them in a laundry bag. But if the fabric is very delicate it is as always better to wash them by hand.

Whites – You do need to use EcoStain (included with the EcoBalls) in order to remove heavy stains.

Clothes heavily stained and wool – Not so effective. Just in those cases, I would opt for a non-biological brand.

EcoZone EcoBalls™ ecological washing balls for laundry

How do they work? The Ecoballs use a Scientifically tested formula proven to deliver a clean fresh alternative to conventional detergents, increasing the degree of alkalinity.

Find out more about their use in the video:

The EcoZone EcoBalls 150 Washes by Ecozone include:

A box with 2 EcoBalls, 1 Eco Stain 45ml, 2 Refills

We have just now after over a year of frequent use needed to use 1 of the Refills for one of our EcoBalls.

Claims by manufacturer1:
AWARD, Winner of: Odylique – Best Eco Detergent Award 2016 

They’re a scientific breakthrough in environmentally friendly cleaning.

Ecoballs have been performance and user trial tested by the Worlds
leading laboratory Intertek.

Try these washing balls yourself

Other great products by Ecozone that have worked really well for me,  include:

Ecozone EcoBalls 1000 Washes

Ecozone Dishwasher Tablets Brilliance All In One

I can highly recommend this ecological washing balls for laundry,  you can order them in this link: EcoZone EcoBallsI could not be happier with my EcoBalls, ecological washing balls.   It is a way of reducing toxic chemicals from our clothing and water supply, as well as a money-saving alternative to using detergent when doing our laundry.

I hope my experience will make you choose these ecological wash balls, that will help you live a healthier more sustainable lifestyle.



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Ecozone Ecoballs Review washing balls for laundry

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