Do you struggle with chronic pain, stress, and sleep deprivation?

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Hello,  I am excited about this blog post and this interview. 

If you are someone who is struggling with chronic pain, sleep deprivation, and stress,  this blog post is for you. 

As a Holistic Life Coach,  I know how important it is to find products from nature that support our health and how our body communicates and helps our body’s natural ability to heal. 

Through my own challenges, I have learned that: 

1- Working on self-love is the key to transform our lives and for our holistic health

2- All the blockages in my life were related to unsolved events from the past

3- Plant-based medicine is important for my health and that of my clients.


I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Sylvie Brockman, CTNC, a Holistic Health and Wellness Coach. 

Tell us a bit about yourself, who is Sylvie Brockman?

Answer: I am guiding clients to better health, vitality, and weight loss with the focus on gut health and lifestyle changes. Every disease starts in our gut and every disease starts with inflammation.

I am a huge believer in utilizing plant medicine in healing and helping my clients to find the right diet for them so they can THRIVE and not only survive because life is too short not to live it fully!


What is CBD? 

Answer: CBD is one of over 60 compounds found in cannabis plants.

CBD stands for Cannabidiol – the most abundant of the Cannabis sativa plant species.

I think where the most confusion comes in is when I work with clients, many confuse the word CBD with Marihuana. So I want to make it clear right from the start.


What is the difference between Hemp and Marihuana?

Answer: I like to say Hemp and Marihuana are like cousins to each other, they are two varieties of the same species – Cannabis sativa plant. They have similar health benefits, but the main difference is that the THC level (the psychoactive part).

Hemp’s legal limit for THC is <0.3%, in Marihuana can be between 10-30% or even higher.  

CBD from Hemp WILL NOT make you high! It doesn’t have any psychoactive effect.


How does CBD work in our bodies?

Answer: We, as humans have 2 CBD receptors – (CB1 & CB2) in our body. Even breast milk contains cannabinoids to help with baby’s development. Our bodies are made to receive CBD as it helps with the homeostasis of our bodies. If your body is out of balance and doesn’t produce enough of their own cannabinoids, you might be experiencing a lot of health issues because your endocannabinoid system is not working optimally.


 How do you know if you have chronic inflammation?

Answer: There are two types of inflammation – acute and chronic. Chronic means that your body has constant low-grade inflammation and it presents itself with many symptoms – pain, autoimmune disorders, brain fog, fatigue, digestive issues, asthma, skin disorders, different heart conditions and so much more. Every disease starts with inflammation.

Working on lowering inflammation in our body should be part of our daily lifestyle.

 What are some symptoms of stress?

Answer: Most of us know what stress or anxiety feels like, right? Not pleasant if it becomes part of our day to day life. I feel that especially these days with everything that is going on in the world, people are way more stressed because of the unknown and lots of uncertainty. If we are under constant stress, our cortisol levels will be high which will cause a cascade of other health issues, your digestion will not work properly so your body will be lacking nutrients, you will not sleep well, and you will start gaining weight and so much more negative will happen in your body.

Anxiety is the most common mental disorder these days and it can become debilitating. I suffered from anxiety for many years. I was able to overcome it with healing my body, flooding it with nutrients so needed nutrients, healing my gut, and implementing some amazing plant medicines available to us and yes, CBD is definitely on that list.


Are all CBD’s created equally?

Answer: Not at all, you have to know what to look for CBD to work. It has to be organically grown to avoid any contamination from pesticides, it needs to be extracted by the CO2 method and it needs to be free of any additives or binders. Third-party testing is important as well together with an extra certification from the US Hemp Authority so you can be really sure that the bottle contains what the label says.

CBD comes in many different forms, Full spectrum in my opinion works the best for most people (the whole plant), and there are sublingual tinctures, gummies, softgels, and topicals.






What are the main health conditions people use CBD for?

Answer: I believe CBD benefits every human being. Our furry babies have an endocannabinoid system and greatly benefit too. My dog is a perfect example.

CBD should be part of our anti-inflammatory daily regimen, helps with lowering stress response and anxiety, it helps you focus better so many children with ADD and ADHD are thriving. People with chronic conditions-pain, headaches, migraines, and people with sleep issues.

I believe good quality CBD should be part of every family’s medicine cabinet.

For me, it helps me on so many different levels, but mainly makes me a better person, better mom.

If you want to get quality CBD products, you can click here.

Thank you for reading, thank you for taking the time to learn and take action to improve your health, and in this case, your relationship with a difficult ex, to support your health and your kids. 



Cristina Pettersen 


MSc, Confidence and Holistic Life Coach & Healer

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