Crystal healing: How to forgive with Rose Quartz, the power of forgiveness


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Is it hard for you to forgive and let go of anger in your life? Many of us have been programmed to think that when something bad happens to us or someone hurts us the normal reaction is to get angry. Hence we keep that resentment, hostility, or even need of vengeance inside us, as a way to protect us from the next similar event.

The Power of forgiveness 

First of all, I want to start by naming some of the benefits that forgiveness brings to our body, mind, and soul

  • Lower stress levels – Forgiveness helps reduce cortisol levels, we let go of feelings that create stress in our system.
  • Fewer symptoms of depression – Research shows that holding on to anger increases anxiety which can lead to depression.
  • Increase self-esteem – Forgiving leads to an increase in confidence, especially forgiving ourselves, as it stems from our ability to resolve personal issues.
  • Lowers blood pressure – Research has shown that people who practice forgiveness have lower levels of blood pressure.
  • Stronger immune system – According to research releasing negative feelings and anger decreases stress levels, which will improve the immune system helping us against diseases.
  • Feel lighter, move easier. – Yes, resentment weighs us down. According to research people who hold on to grudges and thought about them before the physical activity was not able to perform as good as when thinking about situations of forgiveness.

Healing with forgiveness

One of the best ways for you to heal all the anger and resentment that has piled up throughout the years includes using this forgiveness ritual.

In addition, this is a powerful yet simple example of one of the many uses of crystal for healing.

I hope that this ritual can help you forgive, in order to start healing your life.


Forgiveness ritual with Rose Quartz 

Rose quartz is the master crystal when it comes to healing hearts and emotions. This crystal opens and gently draws out the pain that we keep inside helping restore emotional balance.

Moreover, you can wear a Rose Quartz around your neck to help you overcome the belief that you are not worth it of love and happiness. Due, to all these reasons this crystal is ideal when we want to forgive.

Forgiveness ritual (Based on the book Crystal Healing by Judy Hall)


  1. Clean your Rose Quartz and then hold it over your higher heart chakra
  2.  Visualize or imagine the person that you need to forgive
  3. Focus on the unconditional love vibrations that flow from the Rose Quartz and into your higher heart chakra. Then, see it irradiating from your heart towards the other person´s heart.
  4. Once you have visualized the person and felt this loving energy inside you, repeat out loud: “I forgive you and I accept your forgiveness (Name of the person). I offer you (Name of the person) unconditional love and acceptance. Go in peace”
  5. Repeat as many times as you need it. Let feelings be released while this healing loving energy enters your body and soul

How to clean your crystal

First of all, it is important to clean your crystals before you start using them. Rose Quartz can be cleaned by holding it under running water and then placing it in the sun for a couple of hours. Another option is to close your eyes and visualize bright light entering your body and that it is radiating the crystal.

How to activate your crystal

Hold your crystal and close your eyes. See it being surrounded by bright white light, then ask that it is blessed and to serve as a healer for you at any time you may need it.

How not being able to forgive affected my life

I distanced myself from my emotions as a way to not feel vulnerable. I knew that the key laid in forgiveness and how damaging it was for me to hold on to this anger.  I needed to do something to let these feelings out. Just wanting or deciding to forgive was not enough.

Additional resources

There are many additional ways for you to work in your self-esteem, I give you some here:

– Heal past wounds using the Ho´oponopono technique or use this forgiveness ritual

– Practice meditation every day. It allows you to manage better stress and improve focus. Heal and release negative emotions, among other benefits.

– And also try to exercise regularly, it affects your self-esteem.

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Love is the force that can heal, transform our lives, and bring peace to the world!

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Cristina Pettersen Carpio

Confidence and Holistic Life Coach & Healer


 How to forgive with Rose Quartz, the power of forgiveness

Want to share some of the rituals that have helped you forgive, or ask Cristina some questions below?


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