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It is just undeniable that our confidence will improve with a better self-esteem. The way we look at ourselves affects our work, relationships, wealth, health. In sum, it affects our life.

The fact is that all the experiences we have in life shape our self-esteem. We are programmed and affected by what we see, hear, and experienced especially while growing up. Though some experiences that take place later in life can also affect how we value ourselves: intimidation, bullying or lack of validation at work, a traumatic event or event persistent stress.

If you were always critisized or felt like you did not meet your parents standards, or the average or expected at school or home, or if there was an absence of affection, interest and warmth in your life, you would end up needing a boost in your self-esteem.

Do I have low self-esteem?

How you perceive yourself:  You tend to focus more on your weaknesses and are constantly negative, self-critical and self-doubting.

Your emotions:  You feel guilty, frustrated, angry or sad.

How you feel: You are tired or tense

How you act: You have difficulties making decisions, or avoid challenges and opportunities.


Write down your positive qualities

If you are feeling rejected or not good enough, do this now.  I want to share with you one of the many ways you can improve your self-esteem.

Sit down,  in a quiet place if possible. Then take a piece of paper and a pen.  If possible listen to some uplifting music or relaxing melodies while you do this.

Focus on all the positive qualities you have and write them down. Aim for at least 10 qualities.  Then, place them near your bed or your desk and read them when you start your day. If you can, use a mirror to look at your eyes and say: I am…. (your quality) with each one of them.

My personal struggle and healing process

For many years I would subconsciously repeat demands or criticism from some family members. Due to this I turned harsh on myself, believing that I was not good enough until I had done what was expected. In addition, I was compared to another person whom I then felt inferior to and had many bullies in my class. It was not until I became aware of a need to value myself more that the healing process really started.

Additional resources

I would like to provide you loving guidance and powerful resources to help you overcome your self-love challenges SO YOU CAN live a life filled with love, freedom and joy. Gift yourself my most complete and powerful  7 steps program to your Journey into self-love, register here- >>>>> http://bit.ly/7stepsbyLHI  

Love is the force that can heal, transform our lives and bring peace to the world!

There are many additional ways for you to work in your self-esteem, I give you some here:

Practice meditation every day. It allows you to manage better stress and improve focus. Heal and release negative emotions, among other benefits You can use binaural beat brainwaves to help you enter deep meditative states reliably and easily, reduce stress and to increase concentration.

– And also try to exercise regularly, it affects your self-esteem.

Furthermore, to help you live life more fully, I recommend that you read Live This Book by Tom Chatfield. Live This Book, is full of inspiring content, enriching ideas and exercises. Chatfield asks the right questions to help you learn more about yourself and what you enjoy doing.

In conclusion, find out time to work on improving your self-esteem. I hope these resources will inspire you to heal and keep growing.


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