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If you are reading this article, you are probably needing help to slow down, relax or get a good night sleep. Despite there being some disagreement on the exact amount of hours each individual should sleep each night, as this would vary according to their genetics.

There is a consensus by all National Institutes of Health suggesting that we should get between 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night.

Lack of sleep affects our mood, our appetite, our performance and in general our wellbeing. This is why I have gathered a list of some of the Best Apps for relaxation and better sleep.

These Apps have helped me when needing to calm down during my break at work, after a stressful day mostly at work and when needing to rest and calm down in order to have a good night sleep.


Relax by Andrew Johnson

I have used this app almost every night for many years. The pace of life and change can be overwhelming and it is important to take the time to relax and unwind. This App will guide you through the relaxation process and you can have it running as long as you need it. You can program the length so that it can be on loop during the whole night and you can choose if you want more music than voice, the music that soothes you best and if you want it to wake you up at the end or not.

You can download the App, here

AppsFree hypnosis by Joseph Clough

This App has helped me learn and overcome different challenges. It has over 100 hours of free hypnosis and self-help audio  They are guided lessons developed by Joseph Clough a #1 best selling Hay House author, Hypnotherapist and Celebrity Coach. 

You can download the App, here

AppsRelax & Rest Guided Meditations by Meditation Oasis

You get the benefits of deep relaxation and meditation with this App which was chosen “Best Sleep Apps for 2014” and “Best Anxiety Apps for 2014” by healthline.com

You can download the App, here


AppsAcupressure Heal yourself by Alexander Mokrushin

Pressure points can help release never endings and ease tension. You can also use self-massage points to relieve anxiety that will get you to sleep better at night. You get a holistic approach to your problems, when you heal body and mind.

You can download the App, here. 

AppsSleep Cycle alarm clock by Northcube AB

Wake up feeling rested and relaxed with the help of this App. The alarm clock has been based on sleep cycle theory, analyzing your sleep and waking you in the lightest sleep phase. In addition the App will help keep track of your sleeping habits.

You can download the App, here


Deep Sleep by Andrew Johnson – Michael Schneider

A guided meditation that helps overcome insomnia and get to sleep.  You just adjust the settings, set your headphones and Zzzzz.

You can download the App, here


AppsSleep Genius With Revive Cycle Alarm – Sleep Genius LLC

This App is designed to help you track your sleep, relax and for power naps and has been featured in several media due to its effectiveness and as an App based on scientific research.  Did you know that it is important to discover your ideal bedtime to reclaiming your sleep health? This App can help you do that.

It will help you fall asleep and awaken refreshed!

You can download the App, here


This article is not meant as a substitute for medical advice. Talk to your doctor.


These Apps are a positive hands on approach to help your body and mind calm and heal. I have found that in addition using aromatherapy when using this Apps and going to sleep has wonderful results, you can read what I have written about aromatheraphy here.

Furthermore, if you feel that it is time to reprogram your subconscious mind and stop repeating behaviours that cause you stress and difficulty sleeping,  you are ready to join my Putting yourself first Coaching program: http://bit.ly/2EnMORZ

I hope these words and list of Apps of my personal experience will help you calm down and sleep better in a natural way and that you find this post useful.


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