must-have beauty time products

Must-have beauty time products

Must-have beauty time products

After many months indoors or behind a mask, now you can find new beauty time products, relax and recharge!

We have chosen some of the best new beauty time options as we want you to enjoy some me-time, feel and look great!

Here are the top 5 items you want to use this year!

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Beauty Time, Relax Body, Relaxing Music and Nature Sounds

Relax, and enjoy beauty time with relaxing Music and Nature Sounds.
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Bath Pillow

Ready to enjoy some beauty time in your bath tub? The most relaxing bath pillow, providing maximum bath time comfort
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Eye Massager Wand

This vibration eye mask It helps to relax the eyes, promotes metabolism and reduces dark circles and crow’s feet.
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Bath Bombs

Perfect for your bubble & spa bath! These therapeutic and Moisturizing bath bombs are formulated for Normal/Dry skin. Time to pamper yourself!
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3 Wick candle for stress relief and relaxation

Fill your room with therapeutic aromas.

(These links on Amazon will give me a tiny commission, know that the price is the same for you. Thank you for supporting the efforts behind this blog and my work.)

At Living Healthier Ideas, we know that taking care of your physical body is important, and this is why we have created this list with five beauty time products.
By taking time some me time, you can also relax, recharge and improve your mood.

Want to get fit and healthy?

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We hope you enjoy this list of products! Let us know your favorite below.

Cristina Pettersen
MSc, Goal Achievement Coach, and Healer

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must-have beauty time products

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