Ab-solutely Healthy! – The Workout for abs you have been waiting for!


Ab-solutely Healthy! – The Workout for abs you have been waiting for!

by Sara Elizabeth Montolio Liberato


For years it’s been popularized to validate or measure a persons “physical fitness” by their appearance and that mainly being the abdominal area – the ever-so-elusive “abs”. 

When I speak to people about their fitness goals, showing off a six pack is usually in the top 3, male or female. And I see why; abs are hot. If you can see the a personas abdominals that means there’s very little body fat and lots of lean mass – most people have this goal. 

But let me break it to you like this: 

Abs are made in the kitchen. Point, blank, period.

Sure, you can do some crunches and a bunch of leg raises but that alone will not decrease your body fat enough for the abdominals to show, assuming they’re not showing at all right now. What will speed up the six pack success is taking your nutrition serious and committing to a diet that will nourish the body, satiate your needs and allow the abs to show up and show out, along with the rest of the muscle crew we have covering our bodies. 

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Here is an overview of what you can add to your health regimen:

• Depending on your weight and goal, you can begin with consuming anywhere between 300-500 less calories per day with your food. 

That means reduce portions or make dietary changes to what you’re eating.

• Eat less processed food (anything that comes in a package on a shelf in the supermarket, anything frozen, canned, etc).

• Drink more water

• Consume greens everyday. They are ab-friendly.

workout for abs

• Add a couple of sessions of HIIT cardio per week for 20-25 minutes. (If your goal is greater, more sessions are encouraged when you’re ready).

• AB Workouts that count:

1) Planks are an isometric exercise that build strength in the abdominals and back. Shoulders are also shaped through this exercise (Lay on your elbows and toes holding your hips aligned with the back and keeping your core tight as you hold for as long as one minute)

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2) High knees is a cardio movement that requires you to use the strength in your abdominals to lift your knees high while in place, with a hop between movements.

(Stand with your feet straight, lean your core slightly forward and hop your legs straight up towards your chest while keeping your knees bent. Place your hands, palm down, right at your waist and get your knees to tap your palm with each hop for high knees). 

3) Floor Mountain Climbers is a cardio movement that requires you to use core and full body strength. 

(In push-up position, bring your knees to your chest the same you would during the High Knees except this time it is horizontal. Add a hop so the mountain climbers are quick in momentum and your legs will be coming straight up towards the chest, keeping the hips low and core engaged). 


Ready to get the Abs you have been wanting? Then make sure to add the suggested routine to your 

by Sara Elizabeth Montolio Liberato

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workout for abs 

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