What is reiki

Reiki is an energy healing technique from Japan, developed by Mikao Usui. 

This therapeutic technique where the reiki healer is a channel of vital energy by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient`s body.

It works on all levels

Emotional: Pain, anger, hurt

Physical: Physical pain or disease like arthritis, menstrual cramps, migrains. 

Mental: Insomnia, stress, anxiety

Spiritual: Peace, balance


Reiki has only positive effects, it`s not addictive, has no secundary effects as chemical substances.

I recommed using reiki as a complementary treatment to traditional medicine, to speed up the healing process.  


How does it work?

It helps heal blockages that don`t allow the energy to flow. Reiki works in the energy field, opening the chakras. 

Benefits of reiki 

 It reduces stress, strenghtens the immune system, enhances personal awareness, promotes creativity, opens the heart, treats symptoms and causes of illness, helps the body`s natural healing process, heals emotional and physical pain and dis-ease, helps relax and dicrease anxiety. 


In patients with cancer it dicreases the secondary effects of chimotherapy and radiotherapy.  

Cientific Research 

The past decade and especially in recent years its more commont to hear and read about this therapeutic tecnhique one of the reasons is the increasing scientific research to proof its positive effects to the humand body. There are now instruments that can measure the energy field around us, detecting the energy fields generated by our cells and tissues. 

Reiki as a complementary therapy to traditional medicine

Since the 90´s  reiki is used in hospitals. There is a 25% of patients in the US and Canada requesting this therapy , that is now recognized as a tool to help improve healing and reduce the time for a patient´s healing.  

A session with Cristina 

In a 2 hour session that I provide in Cumbaya in Ecuador, I include also aromatherapy, music and healing crystals.  And if needed I will provide other healing techniques and coaching. 

To contact me or book a session, send me an sms to  (593) 999 722 700 or an email to

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