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There is definitely more research and awareness about the many benefits of choosing organic food. 

 Here are some reasons for choosing organic

1. You get food without pesticide residue. When you eat natural food you are not eating residue from pesticides which not only kills insects, weed and plant diseases, but can also be harmful to us humans.

2. You get food with more flavor. Pesticide-free vegetables generally contain more nutrients and flavor, and less water per kilogram than non-organic vegetables. 

3. You get clean produce without make-up. Food products with the organic food label «Ø» have not been added colorants or artificial additives. We need to be aware of the fact that foods that look «perfect» often are colored and surface-treated and therefore are far from perfect in a health and environment perspective.

4. Organic animals are better taken care of. High level animal welfare is important in natural, pesticide-free farming. Organic animals have more space indoors and more often access to outdoor areas, as well as receiving nutritious, clean organic feed.

5. Organic farming is good for our water. Natural, chemical-free farmers do not use pesticides and artificial fertilizer which can pollute ground water and watercourses.

6. Preserve a rich and clean nature. Nature is richer and cleaner with natural farming and we preserve bees, bumblebees and other pollinating insects which aid us with 1/3 of the world’s food production.

7. Natural food is common sense. The goal of organic production is healthy and robust animals and plants.

8. Say no thank you to genetically modified foods. In natural farming, genetically modified produce is not being used as food for people or animals. The main reason is the principle of “better safe than sorry» and the lack of sufficient research to be sure that it is safe.

9. Organic farming is good for third world countries. A range of international research show that natural and pesticide-free farming methods can help poor farmers in Africa, Asia and South America by producing more food and raising income.


In conclusion, you are invested in your wellbeing and health, eating organic is not a great way to help your body heal if you have a health problem linked to bad eating habits, but it is also an excellent way to prevent disease.  

You deserve a healthy life!

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 I hope these reasons will inspire you to buy and use organic products.



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