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I would love to invite you to join our community of powerful confident women who invest in their mindset & their holistic health, ready to grow & learn where I will provide loving guidance, tools, and tips to support you on your journey to a holistic life, self-love, connect with your confidence, achieve your goals and have fulfilled lives.
here: Powerful Confident Warrior Women

What do to next

  1. Make sure to join the Community on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/selfloveandconfidence/
  2. Go to Step 2, Chose the events you want to join and make sure to RESERVE and save your spot. 
  3. Share the love. Share this event, invite other warrior women to join the community. 


Hemos organizado varias herramientas para crecer, sanar, soltar, y mucho mas para los miembros de la comunidad de Facebook: Mujeres Guerreras Poderosas  

Que debes hacer para participar

  1. Regístrate en la comunidad de crecimiento de Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/livinghealthierideaswithCristina/
  2. Ve al paso 2, selecciona los eventos que te gustan y asegúrate de marcar RESERVAR, en cada uno para guardar tu cupo. 
  3. Comparte salud, bienestar y crecimiento. Invita a tus amigos y familia a unirse a esta comunidad. 






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