I was over 30, feeling lost, nothing was working until I found these life-changing strategies and tools.

I would like to guide you to create the impact that you desire in your business, as you connect with creating a success mindset and easy program to follow.

Ideal for Women in Direct Sales, Small Business Owners in the Health and Wellness Industry

Ready to Start? The best time to create a success mindset is now!

Are you tired of feeling like you spend most of your time promoting yourself but not confident of getting clients and creating the impact that you want in business?

Are you someone who…

  • Is Terrified of going LIVE on Facebook, Youtube or Instagram?
  • Is unsure about being able to make a Sale?
  • Has Fear of Rejection?
  • Keeps finding the same kind of blocks or results now matter what you try?
  • Is afraid that if things continue the same way, you will end up missing up on making an impact in the world throug your business?

If your answer was yes to any of these questions then this program is made for you.

What if I have a busy schedule?

If you have a busy schedule and it is challenging for you to go in person to coaching sessions, this online program is perfect for you, as it allows you to do everything from home or remotely. This way you can keep working in yourself no matter where you are or what time it is. You will make the time during each week.

If you think you can’t invest now in your life and your future, how would life be like if it continues like it does? What would happen then, will you be able to achieve your dreams?

If you want to see your life transform now, you get to make changes now. This is an investment in your present and in your future.

This program has transformed my life and the life of my clients for the best!

The powerful and successful entrepreneur Jez R. says this about my Emotional Freedom Coaching: I started working with Cristina at a time in my professional career where I needed to set new goals and prepare my mind and emotions to reach the next level. I saw results immediately and I really enjoyed Cristina’s way of working and guidance along my journey.

What some of our successful clients have to say

Having such an energetic coach like Cristina brings an amazing dosis of trust, love and self confidence to your life. I’m now closer to myself and sure to be able to get closer and closer. I’ll definitely recommend everyone to join and try the sessions and use the tips for living healthier.

Ana Valencia, The Netherlands

I started working with Cristina at a time in my professional career where I needed to set new goals and prepare my mind and emotions to reach the next level. I saw results immediately and I really enjoyed Cristina’s way of working and guidance along my journey.

Jezabel R., California USA

Why join this online program?

You are going to have guidance from a powerful and a confident coach, who has done the work herself. 

Imagine going from having blockages, fear of rejection, self-doubt to having the right mindset and confidence?

What else?

Imagine going from feeling afraid, frustrated, not good enough to feeling confident, passionate about your purpose and making an impact in the world?

During the 3 months of the program I will provide you with loving guidance and support so that you access your key strengths, take positive action and make transformational changes to create a success mindset and achieve your goals in business. 

The program is designed to guide you step by step. Without difficult steps or confusion.

It is the easiest way to get from overwhelm and fear of rejection to feeling confident and purpose driven.
The first thing you are going to be doing is:

Give me 60 minutes a week during 90 days.

What you learn with the 7 steps...


Discover the blockages to your goals and confidence.


Build genuine confidence in who you are, connecting with your inner self.


Focus on 2 business goals + building your success mindset


From Fear to Opportunity. Learn powerful techniques to release fears and connect with opportunity

critical voices


Learn to identify and quiet critical voices. And connect with a successful mindset.


Get into an abundance mindset, where you think on investments and growth.

Ready to get into a success mindset and connect with your power?

90 Day Coaching Program - Impact the world

Ready to Start? The best time to create a success mindset is now!

This is all you will receive!

Weekly Accountability Calls 

During 3 months you will have weekly online sessions with Cristina to help you stretch yourself, be accountable and have clear intentions every week.

Private Coaching and Tools 

Cristina will go over actionable steps to get you from feeling afraid of rejection to feeling confident, through techniques and exercises that she has used to build her own confidence, work on her business and create what she did want in life.

A Thriving Online Community of Powerful Women

This is your opportunity to learn from and support other women facing the same challenges and breakthroughs. Oftentimes we feel like we’re alone, and networks like these serve as a reminder that we’re anything but alone.

How many women entrepreneurs do you know who are busy all the time, but afraid of rejection and endup in the same situation, just a bit different?

Would you like to stop spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on courses, books, programs, therapy?  This program is created from my years of work and learning, from my own wins and will allow you to save that time and money, so that you can in 3 months have a success mindset, tools to create impact in your team and clients and more. 

How do I know?

If you have 1 hour each week, I guarantee that you feel connected and driven by your purpose, feel more inner peace, connect and act from your power and create the impact that you desire in your business. 

You are one click away. This is an opportunity for women entrepreneurs in health and wellness who really want to go from feeling overwhelmed, afraid of rejection to feeling confident, connected with a bigger purpose and ready to make a difference in their teams and the world! 

Lots of light and love,

Cristina Pettersen Carpio

International Life Coach & Certified EFT Practitioner


PD: If you wait until tomorrow to register, you will be missing out on this opportunity. In addition, it is important that you start taking action towards your confidence. I want you to become a confident woman. 

This is all you receive

During the 3 months of the program you will have weekly private coaching calls, videos, worksheets, and all the material and guidance so that you can do your training at your own tempo. In addition you will receive the 1 must-read ebook,  weekly challenges to get you to create the impact that you desire, and you will be part of my exclusive community on Facebook.

Weekly private accountability coaching calls to learn powerful tools together with Cristina. (Value $1200)

Coaching calls and tools with actionable steps to go from fear of rejection or lack of clarity, to feeling confident. (Value $480)

A must-read Ebook that will provide additional tools to your journey. (Value $10)

Weekly challenges to get you to take committed actions towards your business goals (Value $210)

A community of powerful women, all committed to each other, playing to win during this 90 Days. (Value $50)

Total value $1950 USD per month

and you pay only

$330 USD a month

Only $230 USD per month, hundreds of dollars in value in just 1 program and the powerful mindset, and goal achievements that you desire.

This is my purpose: That you don’t keep doing but not achieving, that you overcome your fears and that you don’t have to lose more time or money doing and being something that is not the best for you and the members of your team.

I have just a few spots left, as I like to work personally with each client.

I have 2 spots left for this program and I want you to become a confident woman, who achieves her goal

Ready to Start? The best time to create a success mindset is now!

About Cristina

After living in Ecuador, Cristina started her life from scratch in Norway, where she lived for over 7 years. This was a period of great learning in her life, marked by many challenges and confrontation of fears linked to her unsolved past. This led her to take charge of her life, gain awareness and heal her life by working with self-love and releasing blockages from the past. This is when Cristina found her life purpose: “To be an empathic guide for women who want to reconnect with their confidence”


After 30 years of struggling with a low self-esteem, not to count thousands of hours spent on courses, therapy and reading books, Cristina got to a place confidence and she is ready to support other women in their journey. She is now certified in Life Coaching & Emotional Freedom and has gained the experience and value that allows her to provide loving guidance and inspiration for other women in the same journey. This is why she has created this program, to help women go from feeling worthless to feeling confident

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